The Foundation for Scottish Athletics, INC.

In the wonderful and diverse melting pot that makes up the population of this great nation, few cultures have made as distinct a contribution to the fabric of America as that of Scotland.  Their food, their language, and their traditions permeate our history, and the Highland Games are a significant part of this.  Unfortunately, fewer and fewer people are participating in the Highland game recreations that take place throughout the country, and it's important that this fundamental piece of Scottish tradition is preserved for future generations to enjoy.  

Foundation for Scottish Athletics, Inc. will work to foster amateur Scottish sports competition in the United States.  More specifically, to uphold and maintain the legacy and traditions of the Scottish Highland Games, and educate the general public about the history and culture of these sports.  Our hope is to bring these games back into the mainstream culture.  We will work with veterans, particularly wounded veterans, and assist them in any way necessary to ensure they have time to participate.  

In addition, we will also work to support current Highland Games athletes, providing training support, as well as financial assistance to those interested in attending competitions. FSA will work to help offset the cost of equipment and training, and will host various training clinics in the different events.

For further information about the FSA, please contact us at:

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