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    Bob Gourlay - President:  Bob has been a promoter and athletic director with all facets of the     Scottish Highland Games & Fesitvals for over 18 years; his main focus being Scottish Heavy     Athletics.  He is a past President and Vice President of the Scottish Heritage Society located       in Marion County, Florida.  

    Bob is also a former volunteer with the Marion County Sheriffs Citizen Emergency Response     Team and Marion County Sheriffs Pipes and Drums.

      Jon Henderson - Vice President:  Jon "Ozzy" Henderson is a former submarine torpedo-man in the US            Navy and has spent 19 years working for AT&T; currently as an implementation Engineer.  He began              competing in the highland games in 2005.  Since then he has participated in two Guinness Book of                World Record caber toss events and competed in two Masters World Championships.

     In 2008, after suffering an injury, Jon decided to get into other areas of the games during his                          recuperation and became a certified judge.  

     Charles Preston - Director:  Charles began his highland athletic career over four years ago.  He is the              owner operator of Gainesville Greenworks LLC commercial land clearing and irrigation design.

    Charles is a licensed contractor, welding fabrication engineer and a diesel & gas engine mechanic.  He is       also a silent partner of Gainesville Rock Gym.

    Charles is also a former Forestry Department Firefighter EMT first responder.

    Tha-Geerah Theroux - Treasurer:  Geerah is originally from Maine and has over 18 years of                 Finance and Accounting background.  She found her love of all things Scottish in high school             where their mascot was a Great Highland Bagpiper.

    Geerah began her highland athletic career as a spectator in 2009 and soon started attending as a       competitor in 2011.  Due to an unrelated injury in 2013, Geerah took a more active role behind           the scenes as a scorekeeper and later a certified judge.  Her favorite events are the Caber and             Hammer toss and the thing she loves most about the games is the camaraderie among the                 athletes.

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